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Dealing with Diabetes

Vitamix has truly changed my life. I have been using Vitamix for over 10 years, and I would never be without one. Chip, my husband of 27 years, is a type 1 diabetic who has to monitor his blood sugar levels numerous times a day to make sure there are no bit swings. In order to avoid highs and lows, it is important to prepare the right type of foods. Blood sugar swings can cause mood swings as well as other health issues including retinopathy and neuropathy. This affects the eyes and causes poor circulation in the extremities.

several years ago, after dealing with diabetes for the past 40 years, Chip’s vision was becoming clouded. We were told that he was suffering from diabetic retinopathy and that he would need to get his blood sugars more stable. In order to do that, we had to “clean up our diet” and include more natural and raw foods. We were told to focus on healthy eating from our refrigerator rather than from our cupboard, and to cut out simple carbohydrates. That may sound easy, but if you like things like ice cream and bread, you truly have to get creative to replace these staples.

Thankfully we already had a Vitamix, which not only make it palatable, but also make it very healthy as well. It was amazing to realize the possibilities that were available to us through our Vitamix!

At times when Chip had a low blood sugar reading and needed to add some sugar, it was quick to just throw a few strawberries or other fruit into the Vitamix and make up a smoothie to give him the boost of natural sugars that he needed.

We have used our Vitamix almost every single day for 10 years. By changing to a healthy diet prepared using the Vitamix and with some laser eye surgery, Chip has restored his vision to almost perfect. We feel very blessed that he is able to read, write, drive, and see, especially since we just became grandparents to a beautiful granddaughter!

Because of the impact our Vitamix has had on our lives, if I were forced to choose only one kitchen appliance, without any doubt or hesitation, it would by my Vitamix.

Vitamix, you have our profound gratitude!

By Julie Helmer, Montana