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Reuseable Large Volume 1500ml Bagenema Set

Reuseable Large Volume 1500ml Bagenema Set

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You Can Now Enjoy Safe, Gentle, Cleansing Enemas in the Privacy of Your Home.

Large Volume 1500ML Reuseable Bagenema Set – Complete With Manufacturer’s Enema Instructions.

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You Can Now Enjoy Safe, Gentle, Cleansing Enemas in the Privacy of Your Home.

Large Volume 1500ML Reuseable Bagenema Set – Complete With Manufacturer’s Enema Instructions.

The mention of enemas can induce surreal visions of tubes and hoses – often provoking gales of nervous laughter or shudders of horror – yet colonic cleansing is one of the oldest techniques in natural medicine, going back at least 5000 years.

The principle is very simple – that of an internal bath to help cleanse the colon or large intestine of poisons, gas, accumulated faecal matter and mucus deposits. These deposits, if not properly eliminated, can prevent the absorption of nutrients from food and can poison the body by retaining waste matter. Even in a healthy body, the colon may not be entirely cleansed by normal bowel action. Food such as dairy products, eggs, sugar and flour promote the formation of mucus, which can accumulate in the colon and hinder proper elimination.

If waste matter congests in the bowel on a regular basis (as happens in cases of poor digestion, yeast overgrowth, spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation or diarrhoea), the colon can ‘auto-intoxicate’: Literally poison itself by reabsorbing wastes back into the bloodstream, thus placing a huge burden on the body’s other cleansing organs – the kidneys, skin and lungs. In due course, such a toxic overload will likely cause problems such as diverticulitis, haemorrhoids, prolapses, colitis or even bowel and other cancers.

It’s easy to give yourself an enema. You fill the vinyl Large Volume 1500ML Reuseable Bagenema Set (complete with vinyl tube and adjustable tube clamp) with body-temperature water. You hang the bag on your bathroom or shower door, ABOVE body level. (Gravity causes the water to flow downward.)

You get on your hands and knees on the floor, or lie on either side, and gently insert the vinyl tube into your colon. You then allow the water to flow slowly through the tube into your rectum and colon.

(The adjustable tube clamp allows you to control water flow.)

The water gradually softens fecal matter and compacted deposits, while you gently massage your abdomen to stimulate the colon and improve elimination. The enema requires approximately one hour. Bagenema Set users find the enema experience pleasant, relaxing and soothing.

You may also use your Bagenema to implant fresh wheatgrass juice, or Hippocrates Organic Wheatgrass Powder dissolved in warm water, in your colon. After the enema has removed all loose fecal matter from your colon, empty excess water from your Bagenema. Then place 90ml or more of wheatgrass juice in the Bagenema. Allow the wheatgrass juice to slowly enter your colon. Gently massage your abdomen, moving the wheatgrass juice through your colon.

Hold the wheatgrass juice in your colon for as long as you can. (Most of the wheatgrass juice will be absorbed within 15-20 minutes.) Wheatgrass juice implants purge the colon and liver, and nourish the body by being absorbed into the bloodstream through the colon. Just inside the rectum (where you insert the juice) lies the haemorrhoidal vein, which enters into the portal circulation. This portal vein receives liquids, minerals, nutrients and toxins from the colon, then transports all of these directly to the liver, where they are either used, or eliminated from the body. Since a portion of the wheatgrass juice is thus absorbed into the system, it works on the entire length of the colon, not only on the lower bowel.

You may also use the Bagenema for coffee enemas. (We recommend that you use organic coffee.)

Women might like to also try wheatgrass juice as a vaginal implant. Don’t use your Bagenema, though! Instead, use the Hippocrates Vaginal/Rectal Syringe, and place 90ml of undiluted wheatgrass juice in the vagina. Allow it to be absorbed. You may find that the vagina will then eliminate a white sticky fungus — Candida albicans.

You may reuse your Bagenema repeatedly — by the same person — over a lengthy time period.

However, like toothbrushes, every family member should have his or her own individual Bagenema.

Your Bagenema is shipped to you with complete instructions for use, in a discreet unmarked parcel.



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Always read the label. Supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.

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  1. Barbara McDonald

    I really don’t mind giving myself enemas. I do love having the privacy and convenience of my own bathroom, and I feel so much better and lighter afterwards!

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