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Watch this video to learn how you can use and grow quality wheatgrass to feel wonderful!

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Diabetes Leads to Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's disease is becoming more and more common. But so far, nobody has discovered what leads up to it. That is until now. In an article entitled, "Alzheimer's Is Type-3 Diabetes - Evidence Reviewed," the authors summarize the accumulating evidence that...

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Why We Don’t Eat Soy? Soy Causes:

01Alzheimer's disease 02Cognitive impairment 03Brain shrinkage and premature deterioration 04Production of steroidal hormones 05Estrogen formation, leading to erectile dysfunction 06Dementia by shrinking blood vessels in brain 07Early...

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Magnesium Relieves Stress

At any time, all of us are experiencing one or several life events that are causing major stress dynamics for us. Today many people are living under incredible stress conditions - overloaded with input and concerned about their future. Between August 2016 and January...

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