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Medical Horror Stories

Have You – Or Your Friends Or Family – Suffered From Bad Medical Advice, Prescription Drugs, Surgery Or Radiation?

Our mission – ever since our founding in 1985 – has been to show Australians how to avoid these horrors of orthodox medicine – to live a long, healthful, pain-free life.

We would love to share your true-life stories with the world, so that others can learn from your experience. And, if you wish, you can remain anonymous.

Simply send your stories to: We’ll then share them.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Ronald Bradley

Founding Director
Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia Pty Ltd
Doctors Are Dangerous Pty Ltd

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Why Kill Your Stomach Acid?

When I went to medical school there was a different attitude toward drugs than there is today. We were taught to give drugs only when necessary and only as long as necessary. In the past few years, drugs for long-term use and even for preventive use have become the...

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I Want to Detoxify. What Should I Do?

Thousands of people have asked us this question since 1985. What to do? We suggest you educate yourself first: 01 Read and follow Elaine Hollingsworth's TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH To learn more "Click Here". 02 Read and follow Ann Wigmore's THE HIPPOCRATES DIET AND...

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Enzymes and Detoxification

Enzymes are powerful substances; they are responsible for initiating every action in the body, including blinking and breathing. As such, enzymes are often called our life force - because without them we would die. Enzymes are also responsible for helping us digest...

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