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Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Health, Starting Now?


You can easily banish weight – detoxify – energise – de-stress – youthify –

“simply, safely, easily”.


Dr Ann Wigmore’s Wheatgrass and Living Foods Program



Long ago, Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, demonstrated that wholesome natural foods could restore and maintain vibrant health. Our program – which excludes bread, flesh, dairy products and cooked and processed foods – has shown thousands of people around the world, since 1960, that ideal health is natural for all of us.

Your body detoxifies and regenerates itself. If you have proper nutrients, you can enjoy life without illness or pain.

At Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia, you experience complete health education – a time-tested program that fosters your internal cleansing, regeneration, revitalisation, rejuvenation – health, vigor, longevity, youthful slimness.

You reduce weight. Since 1985, all of the thousands who have attended Hippocrates have lost weight. For example, Richard Lemmon of Sydney dropped 10kgs in just 5 days – “simply, safely, easily.”

You can overcome allergies. Although many people are allergic to cooked wheat and bread, no one has experienced any allergy to our gluten-free organic wheatgrass juice.

Your entirely organic raw vegan meals will consist of delicious fresh foods created lovingly by master food preparers. Your foods will include fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, greens and juices. Your meals become adventures, with distinct flavours, textures and sensory appeal.

You will learn and experience at Hippocrates:

  • Gentle stretching exercise – Goals and affirmations – Raw vegan menu planning
  • Wheatgrass growing and use – Gut health and gluten – Sustainable weight loss
  • Reducing stress – Sprouting – Meditation – Visualisation
  • Dehydrating foods – Self-improvement – Detoxification
  • Positive thinking – Kitchen equipment – Transitional foods
  • Permaculture (organic gardening) – Grander Water 



A recent guest referred to our raw, plant-based food as the “Vegan Ritz”, and Diana Baldry said, “My time at Hippocrates has changed my life on all levels, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The work you are doing at Hippocrates and the service you offer is so necessary.”


Wellness Health Retreats – Program Agenda –   Hippocrates Retreat Program –  04 Feb 2024



o Sunday 10th March to Saturday 16th March
o Sunday 17th March to Saturday 23rd March
o Sunday 24th March to Saturday 30th March



WHAT IS THE MINIMUM HHC RETREAT PROGRAM? 7 days, 6 nights.  You arrive here on Sunday by 5 pm.  You depart on Saturday before midday.  (Those who attend for two weeks or more are welcome to remain here Saturday nights free of charge.)

DO YOU OFFER PARTIAL WEEKS?  No.  Only 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks…

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  Current tuition fees: $1995 per person per week.  (Fees will rise in 2024.)

WHAT DOES THIS INCLUDE? All 100% organic juices and meals. (To achieve your maximum detox benefit, we advise you to have various organic juices (including wheatgrass juice) ONLY for the first three days and raw organic vegan solid meals – including greens, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds – thereafter.)

All classes and group instruction. (Our HHC Program focuses on learning by doing, rather than sitting in a classroom.)

Your individually air conditioned private ensuite room with queen size bed.  (All ten of our private ensuite rooms are comfortable, simple and minimalist,)

Your private basic health assessment with our staff naturopath.

Your copy of Elaine Hollingsworth’s 356-page, comprehensive TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND ESCAPE THE SICKNESS INDUSTRY.  (  

Your link to the online “Relax” audio-visual guide.

Your links to our online HHC 3-hour 2-DVD Instructional Box Set and our online HHC Daily Stretching Exercise 30-Minute Audio Program.

Your links to our Lymphaciser RH–48 instructional videos.

Your link to Sandor Ellix Katz’s magisterial THE ART OF FERMENTATION 20-hour Audiobook.

Your Bagenema equipment. (To achieve maximum detoxification quickly, we advise you to spend two hours every day doing Grander Water enemas – followed by wheatgrass juice implants in your colon – in your private bathroom with bed-height mattressed enema bench. We recommend enemas to ease your rapid detox.)

Your Certificate of Achievement.

And more…

DO YOU PROVIDE NURSES AND HELPERS?  No.  We require that you be completely self-sufficient – or, if you are not, we require that you bring your own friend, family member, or nurse.  You and that person will then pay full tuition fees, and she/he will occupy the room next to yours.

WHAT IS GRANDER WATER?  All of our water (drinking, kitchen, garden, bathrooms, everything) has been filtered and energised by Grander for almost thirty years.  You will find details at 

Water Structure and BioFilm with Wayne Slack from Grander Water Australia –


IS PROFESSIONAL COLONIC IRRIGATION AVAILABLE ONSITE?  MASSAGE?  Yes, at additional cost.  Details: Cindy, 0414 699 468 and Naomi, 0488 399 898.

NEUROPTIMAL NEUROFEEDBACK TRAINING IS AVAILABLE ONSITE. Details: Teresa, 0438 153 714. Neuroptimal brain training helps manage stress – enhances learning capacity – promotes healthy sleeping habits – increases calmness and focus – improves performance levels – enhances  spiritual and personal growth – improves memory – manages anxiety. It is a non-invasive brain training experience, suitable for all ages and physical capabilities.

SUN/MUD REJUVENATING BATHS  – in our semi-tropical orchard are available. Details Kate, 0417 702 130.

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR VAGUS NERVE?  Sam, our Chiropractic vagus expert, does: 0421 199 894.

OUR SOMATIC SEXOLOGIST offers programs to optimize hormonal health for vitality, longevity and thriving intimacy.  Details:


MAY CHILDREN ATTEND? Age 12 and under: No. 13-17: Yes, when accompanied by parent or other adult.

The adult and teenager each receive a private room, and each pays $1995 per week.

IS THERE PUBLIC TRANSPORT? From Gold Coast Airport (30-45  minutes), we recommend Uber.  From Robina Train Station (10 minutes), we also recommend Uber.  We do NOT recommend CON-X-ION.

WHAT IS YOUR ADDRESS?  6 Julie Way, Mudgeeraba. 5 km west of the M1.   (Look for the large HIPPOCRATES sign.)

WHAT RESULTS CAN I EXPECT?  You may view our thousands of documented success stories at

As you have observed, the HHC Program is highly disciplined, and not suitable for everyone.  It’s for people who sincerely desire results — such as the thousands of people whose names appear above — and who are willing to do what is required to achieve those results.  Are you one of these people?

ARE THERE ITEMS I MUST LEAVE AT HOME?  Yes.  Tobacco – caffeine – vaping substances – alcohol – illegal drugs – incense – perfumes and scents – hair spray – detergents – fabric softener – glassware (a potential hazard for bare feet).

MAY I BRING PRESCRIBED OR OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS?  Yes.  We cannot offer medical advice.  If you do intend to get off prescribed or OTC drugs, we suggest you do so slowly and gradually.


DO YOU HAVE WI-FI?  Yes, in every room.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING WITH ME?  Comfortable clothing – walking shoes – swimsuit – sarong or light dressing gown.  Tennis gear (if you play.)

WHAT ARE THE SURROUNDS LIKE?  Many have likened our Nature Refuge to a National Park.  We’re in the foothills of the Springbrook Range, bordering on Mudgeeraba Creek.  Acreage cattle and horse properties neighbour us.  But we, instead, have cooperated with local native birds and animals (such as the iconic koala we recently spotted and the lovely king parrot who just flew by) to restore our formerly denuded grounds to their original native Queensland bush woodland / rainforest splendour –creating a Nature Refuge that fosters healing, learning, contemplation and spiritual connection. Surrounded by lush greenery and the healing sounds of nature, you can embark on a journey to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

WHAT HEALTH PRODUCTS DO YOU RECOMMEND? Of course, the products shown at and

Our commitment to a raw, organic vegan lifestyle extends to our practices – no animal products are used during the retreats, and our natural Alaya body products are free from animal ingredients.


With a legacy spanning nearly four decades, our retreat has stood the test of time. Recently reopened and now refurbished, we continue to evolve and enhance offerings to provide you with a simple, warm, inclusive, and enjoyable learning experience. 

ARE THERE ANY SPECIAL PREPARATIONS I SHOULD UNDERTAKE?  During the weeks prior to your arrival here, we encourage you to begin detoxing by abstaining from: caffeine – refined sugar – artificial sweeteners – refined carbohydrates – alcohol – tobacco – vaping – illegal drugs – barbecued, fried, microwaved, manufactured, junk and animal-based foods. And we suggest you now determine your current reaction time (a measure of your biological age) at  We also suggest that you now write and save a message to yourself: “What do I plan to achieve at Hippocrates?”

MAY I BOOK ONLINE?  No.  Since 1985, we have always taken bookings by telephone only.  We have found it essential that you fully understand what our program is about, and that we learn about you and the goals you intend to achieve — through warm, friendly human conversation,

WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE BY PHONE?   Monday through Friday, 8 am to 2 pm, Queensland time.  07 5530 2860.

Those who embark on our retreats consistently leave 3-4 kilograms or more lighter, liberated from arthritic inflammation and the burden of bodily aches and pains, released from depressed feelings, with a renewed and vital life force ready to take on what’s next.

 And if you, like the thousands of others before you, follow the HHC Program, you can change your life for the better — beginning today, and perhaps into the next century.  

You can create the excellent health and long life you and your family deserve.  But only you can commit to doing so.

Your health, harmony and rejuvenation can come together in perfect balance. We look forward to welcoming you.

Ronald   Kate   Chris   Teresa   Kaedy  Cindy  Naomi. Vittoria   John  Zoran   All of us.




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