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EziDri Ultra 1000

EziDri Ultra 1000


The EZIDRI Ultra 1000 is specifically designed for bulk food drying and preserving.

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The EZIDRI Ultra 1000 is specifically designed for bulk food drying and preserving. It is the first and only food drier with digital soft-touch controls incorporating a programmed 2 hour pre-set temperature booster. This 21st century technology gives it the capacity to dry up to 30 trays of produce at one time. It is also capable of drying up to 15 trays of puree for roll-ups or 10 trays of cracker bread at one time; a feature appealing to the serious enthusiast. The 1000-watt ULTRA 1000 unit comes with 5 trays (each 390mm diameter), 1 solid sheet, 1 mesh sheet and a comprehensive instruction/recipe book.

We recommend the Ultra 1000 for families or groups of three or more, and for keen home gardeners. The temperature dial allows you to vary temperature from 35C to 65C.

Produces the best dried food in the shortest time. Ideal for raw and living foods.

As we know, raw and living foods diets are becoming increasingly popular.

When food is prepared or cooked below 40C, the enzymes present in all raw foods remain intact.

Food prepared at low temperatures allows for easy nutrient assimilation. Raw and living foods, especially soaked raw nuts and seeds, are an excellent source of food enzymes and healthful bacteria. Most people don’t consume enough food enzymes, which means that the body must strain to produce more digestive and metabolic enzymes.

Raw food preparation using the EziDri simulates the natural process of sun drying. Temperature conrols allow for precise and accurate temperature selection. Drying at temperatures below 40C ensures that food enzymes remain intact.

Operation is simple and food preparation is made easy, with the help of the detailed instruction/recipe book that comes with each unit. Compiled from over 15 years experience in home food drying and preserving, this helpful little book is packed with tips and recipe ideas. It features dozens of exciting ways to prepare fruit roll-ups, delicious snacks, savoury beef jerky and healthy, nutritious meals.

Both the Ultra 1000 and Snackmaker units are produced in ABS certified food-grade plastic throughout. Quality components and high standards of manufacture. Complete two-year warranty.

>Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a heat-resistant, high-impact material. BPA is not used, and there are no known adverse health effects.

Additional solid sheets and trays for the Ultra 1000 and Snackmaker are available. For details, please phone 07 5530 2860 during office hours.

Hippocrates Cracker Bread


  • Sprouted wheat
  • Gold sweet potato Diced
  • Various vegetables Sliced thinly
  • Various seeds
  • Various spices


Add equal amounts of sprouted wheat and sweet potato to a blender. (For the smoothest bread texture, we recommend the Vita-Mix Total Nutrition Center.) Just cover with water. Blend until smooth.

Apply coconut oil to a solid sheet from your EziDri. Simply pour the blended mixture onto the sheet. Spread the mixture to approx 1-2mm thickness.

Lay out the vegetables on top of the mixture, as on a pizza. Top with seeds of your choice, such as sesame, poppy, pumpkin. Add spices to taste, such as cumin, paprika, curry.

Dry in EziDri at the lowest temperature. (Approximately 35C.)

Five trays of cracker bread will require approximately 24 hours; ten trays of bread will require approximately 48 hours.

Australian Rejuvelac


Soak organic wheat grain for 12-24 hours. Then rinse, drain and allow to sprout for 12-24 hours. Place 1 1/2 cups of wheat in a 2 litre glass jar. If desired, add a few slices of ginger. Then fill jar with water.

Store, loosely covered, in pantry until a light scum forms on surface, and bubbles are released when jar is moved. This will require 2-5 days, depending on temperature. Taste should be sharp, but not sour. Drain, then refrigerate liquid. Will keep in fridge for up to a month.

Refill jar with wheat/ginger residue. Cover with water. Repeat process. Requires 1-3 days, depending on temperature.

Rejuvelac is high in lactobacilli, B vitamins and vitamins E and K. Drink as much as you wish, to provide energy and quick detox.




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Always read the label. Supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.


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