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Music to Our Ears

Whenever my daughter and I travel in the U.S. by car, we always carry our Vitamix with us. When staying in motels, we try to be considerate of other guests and not use it too early, as the walls could be thin. One time after we blended the green smoothie for the day and were checking out, we couldn’t help but smile when we heard a hotel guest telling the manager, “We appreciate how thoroughly you were vacuuming the rooms in the morning and how you’re trying to keep your motel clean.”

That whirling sound from the powerful Vitamix motor enables the blades to reach a speed of 250 mph, higher than the infamous winds from Hurricane Katrina. For this reason I refer to it as “Katrina in the Blender.”

Once, I was checking in at the airport and took the Vitamix as a carry-on item. As it was passing through the X-ray, all the security officers became alarmed and stared at the screen. They asked me in serious tones, “Ma’am, what are you trying to carry on the plane?”

“It’s just a blender.” I replied.

“You must be kidding. This motor is suitable for a motorboat,” they replied.

I smiled and politely explained how that motorboat engine makes our green smoothies, pulverzing all fruits and veggies into the very best, tasty nutrition. And, they’re delicious too!

When my grandson Nic turned 6 months old, we started giving him green smoothies, beginning with one tablespoon. Nic loved his green smoothies from the first taste. Initially, when we turned on the Vitamix and he heard the sound of the motor, he became scared and cried.

After only three days, he was able to connect the Vitamix noise with the delicious smoothie coming right after.

His reaction to the Vitamix sound then became dramatically different. As soon as he heard the Vitamix running, he would wave his hands and laugh excitedly. It got to the point where his mother had to make him a smoothie even after she made a non smoothie creation, like mayonnaise, in the Vitamix.

Nicolas became very fond of green smoothies. As soon as he was able to crawl, he would always crawl in the direction of the kitchen. He knew where the Vitamix was stored, so he would clamber to that cupboard under the counter and bang with his little hand, imitating the Vitamix sound: “Vvvvooo, vvvooo!” The Vitamix tamper became one of his favorite toys.

I’m grateful to Vitamix for making this great product that helps keep us healthy for generations to come.

By Victoria Boutenko, Oregon