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A Mother’s Love, from a Vitamix (Cancer)

I was diagnosed with a kidney cancer, called Wilm’s Tumor, in 1980 at the age of two. Although the medical professionals thought my parents were literally crazy, my parents declined chemotherapy and radiation and put me on a strict vitamin/nutrition program. Even Child Protective Services were after my parents, but they stood their ground and didn’t back down. What bravery and faith they showed!

To aid in my healing by improving my nutrition, they bought a Vitamix that they’d seen at our local fair. Even though we were a family of six on a tight budget form a teacher’s salary, they knew it was that important to invest in our health.

In an effort to improve my health, my mom wanted our family to eat as naturally as possible. Among other things, she used the Vitamix to grind her own wheat berries, make breads, soups, her own mayonnaise and salad dressings, juices, shakes and smoothies, and even her own ice cream.

My mom is such an inspiration to me for putting forth such effort, budgeting the little money they had to buy healthy products, and taking the time and effort to help me be healthy. I love my parents for thinking outside the box and for buying a Vitamix to promote a healthier lifestyle for our whole family.

To this day, some of my most vivid memories of my mom are of her in the kitchen using her Vitamix. She was determined to provide her family with amazing, tasty, and healthy meals.

Here I am, thirty years later, and I am cancer free. Along with the amazing intuition of my parents, our healing God, and nutritional eating made possible by my mother using our Vitamix, I am still living and thriving today.

Today, as a wife and a mother of three, I have my own needs for a Vitamix. Our oldest daughter has special needs with neurological damage, speech issues, eating and chewing problems, as well as being on the autism spectrum. Vitamix enables me to make the foods that she can eat and chew, while being able to provide absolute healthy meals for our whole family.

Just like my parents 30 years ago, I want to provide the best in healthy nutrition for my daughter and my family. I hope that someday, I too can pass on my mother’s wisdom to my own children, along with a love of healthy, whole food nutrition that can only come from a Vitamix.

By Sarah Rowe, Washington