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Healthy and Raw (Cancer)

In 2005, I was a colon cancer patient. Chemotherapy was incredibly draining and emptied out so many good things in my body. Fortunately, I found Vitamix, which has helped me to eat nutritionally in order to rebuild my body and become heathy.

For the past six years, I’ve made dietary changes so that my diet now is primarily comprised of raw foods. Vitamix has make my life so much easier. Whether I want my food blended smoother or just partially smooth, warm or cold; nothing can compare with this versatile technology.

I take it one step further and even grind my own flour for baking. This allows me to use the freshest ingredients, saves money, and there are no added preservatives. Nothing tastes as good as when everything is freshly ground!

Vitamix has also eliminated my sweet tooth trough whole nutrition satisfaction. It makes the most awesome healthy treats: fabulous fruit ice cream, seasonal fruit jam, as well as fresh applesauce. The best part is that I control the amount of sugar and can make what I need for today, leaving precious space in my refrigerator for fresh fruits and greens.

I just went for my colonoscopy and the doctor could not believe the results since improving my diet with fruits and vegetables prepared in my Vitamix.

Ever since I purchased my Vitamix, I have not stopped recommending it. Thank you for inventing such a fabulous machine. Vitamix is the king of all blenders!

by Angeline Fruchter, Florida