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I Love Green Smoothies! (Migraines)

Since I was in the second grade I have been a migraine sufferer. Not the “bad headache” type of migraine; I am taking about the turn off all lights, no loud noises, pillow over my head type of migraine. I have taken preventative medicine, cut caffeine out of my diet, tried herbs and many other things, but nothing would take them away. At least once a month I would be down and out with a migraine. As a business owner and single mom, this was a big problem. I don’t have back up help with my business, as I am a sole proprietor, and as a single mom there is no downtime.

On top of my migraines, I also have suffered form gastritis on and off since high school. Every morning I would awaken to an upset stomach that would last for the first couple of hours of my day, making it impossible to consume “the most important meal of the day.”

My body was screaming at me that it felt awful! Exercise wasn’t giving me any more energy like it should, the vitamins I was taking weren’t helping, and I felt terrible all the time, along with a bit of depression.

After reading about green smoothies and Vitamix from my friends on Facebook, I decided to give them a try. Knowing I am a picky eater, I wondered how I would ever like green smoothies.

Wor k did I have a lot to learn. Green smoothies are simply amazing! I already knew a lot of the benefits before starting, and yet with each smoothie I am reminded of their power.

Not only am I now migraine free, but my gastritis has also gone away. My adult acne is on its way to clearing up and my hot flashes and night sweats have subsided. I believe all of this is from an improved diet including green smoothies!

The health results that I have received from improving my diet by drinking green smoothies have been phenomenal! A couple of months ago, if you had told me that green smoothies and a blender could change my life, I would have laughed in your face and changed the subject. But now I want to be an “unofficial” spokesperson for Vitamix and green smoothies!

Remember– The Vitamix alone does not cure diseases and its use is not a recommended replacement for medical care. Vitamix makes no health or weight loss claims attributable solely to the use of a Vitamix machine. A Vitamix machine, can and is, however, frequently used to assist users in accomplishing nutritional goals.

By Alicia Rittenhouse, Ohio