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Bought for One, Benefits for All (Allergy)

For many years, as a vegetarian and then a vegan, I read every issue of Vegetarian Times, always reviewing the ads for the VitaMix. As a young mother, I knew that as much as I wanted a VitaMix, I just couldn’t justify splurging on myself with such a purchase. But fate has a funny way of making things happen even when we can’t see a way.

In April 2008, my youngest child was rushed to the emergency department of our local hospital with difficulty breathing. At my eldest child’s soccer game, the coach’s wife had given my little one a cookie. She took one bite, spat it out, and started to turn red. The diagnosis, which was confirmed after multiple tests, was a severe and life-threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts.

I started to do research on foods containing or having been processed in facilities that use nuts, and was amazed by the amount of foods that would be forever banned in my home. Never again could she have a treat from any bakery, most cereals, many crackers, or any granola bars.

That very same weekend, VitaMix was at my local Costco. For the first time, I could see this amazing appliance up close and personal, and speak with experts on how my family could benefit from owning one. I went home an owner of the VitaMix 5200 with wet and dry canisters.

I immediately began researching all of the foods I could make, including fresh baked goods that my daughter could not get anywhere else.

I make fresh, whole food smoothies daily. My eldest two children also love the smoothies and quick soups we make when we’re in a rush. Even my husband enjoys the VitaMix treats, especially the guacamole.

I found our VitaMix to have the most amazing benefit for my youngest child. I can now make delightful baked goods from homemade flours, and I know that everything she is eating will keep her safe and healthy.

The VitaMix is the single most used appliance in my home. My rationale for the purchase may have been to provide better options for my youngest daughter, but we are all healthier since increasing our consumption of fruits and vegetables. The side effects are pretty great, too. I have lost weight and feel wonderful, but that is secondary to knowing that my child will always have plenty of healthy and safe foods to live a long and wonderful life. VitaMix, you have our profound gratitude!

Crissie Reichert, Virginia