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Magnesium and Prescription Drugs

Here’s a great in-depth magnesium miracle testimonial from a reader.

“My introduction to natural holistic health treatment began with the news that my mother was to begin statin drug treatment for elevated cholesterol, hypertension and arrhythmia. She was also diagnosed with osteoporosis. Now age 82, she had suffered previous episodes of tachycardia requiring emergency hospitalisation.

Being aware of the adverse side effects and long-term consequences of taking statin drugs, I had little time before the MD would insist drug treatment begin.

We immediately initiated a treatment protocol using transdermal magnesium therapy.

Within three days blood pressure reduced to 115/80, down from episodes of systolic pressure reaching 185 and peaks of 200.

At three months, cholesterol stabilised sufficiently that her MD was no longer recommending drug treatment.

There have not been any episodes of arrhythmia since treatment began.

After one year, osteoporosis did not worsen and the three-year results indicate some reversal.

The MD is very pleased with my mother’s progress and regularly reminds her that she is the only patient she sees of her vintage not taking any prescription drugs.”

by Dr. Carolyn Dean

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