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Samuel’s Story (Stroke)

Seven years ago, my daughter Molly and her husband Christian were blessed with their first child and our first grandchild, a beautiful baby boy, Samuel. It was soon discovered that Samuel had suffered a stroke approximately six weeks before his birth. He was unable to take milk by mouth, and, in order for Sam to receive nourishment, he needed a feeding tube.

Then another discovery – the doctor had to prescribe a special formula, as he could not tolerate his mother’s milk or any regular formula. Because time was so precious, Molly “borrowed” our 5-year-old Vitamix to make smoothies for a healthy way to start their busy schedules each day. Molly soon realized that using the VitaMix to mix Sam’s formula was invaluable. Not only was the formula dissolved easily and quickly, but no nasty residue remained in the feeding tube after feeding.

As time passed and Sam grew, Molly used the VitaMix to puree baby food for Sam. As meat and vegetables were introduced, we soon realized Sam enjoyed the flavors. Whatever meat and vegetables were being cooked for the family, it was pureed for his meal. Grilled steak and potato, roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, pork, chicken, vegetables, and all of the seasoning and flavors we enjoyed, he did also.

Sam now has a 3-year-old sister, who enjoyed fresh foods pureed by the same VitaMix as a baby. In a few more months, another baby boy will enjoy and benefit from all the great nourishment that fresh foods have to offer.

Thanks, VitaMix, for a chance to see what true nourishment can do for a sweet smile, especially one from Samuel.

 Rita McClure, Illinois