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A Family Well Blended

My life since I started to work for Vitamix almost a year ago is unlike anything I ever expected. This job is life altering because it’s not “work.”

No longer do I go home at the end of the day feeling like I’ve been beaten by the world. Instead, I am constantly touched and inspired by our customers’ stories. The feeling of being a small part of something so much bigger than me and actually making a difference has changed my outlook on life.

The humanity and compassion I experience on a daily basis is so powerful. Customers share their battles and triumphs with me, from fighting cancer or caring for children with feeding tubes, to achieving health and vitality. It is amazing to hear true stories of how people’s lives have been dramatically affected by the nutrition they get from using a Vitamix machine. Knowing I’m a small part of making that happen is very humbling and very rewarding. p

Vitamix lives by real values. We all believe in what we’re doing here. We do what we say and say what we do, and our values are passed on to our customers.

Vitamix constantly supports us and not only recognizes, but also appreciates our contribution. One way they do this and impact our lives is by sharing the company’s principles and values. For instance, after taking one of the personal development classes that Vitamix offers, I became inspired to be a better person, and I brought that knowledge and attitude home to my family.

Working at Vitamix has make me a healthier and a happier person. My daughter is so impressed by the change in me which has transferred to our entire family, In gratitude for what Vitamix has done for us, my daughter recently shared, “I want to make a bumper sticker taht says Vitamix: A Family Well Blended.”

By Prima Ponce-Zapata, Vitamix Direct Household Sales Representative, Ohio