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I’m in Love with my Vitamix! (Lyme Disease)

I contracted lyme disease 22 years ago and was diagnosed late. Consequently, I have suffered through atrocious symptoms and debilitating antibiotic therapy for more than two decades. My sister-in-law presented me with a juicer 13 years ago. It was great, and I learned that juicing helped with my symptoms except that the entire nutrient rich pulp was going in my garbage and not in my system.

I tried to use a regular blender to mix the leftover pulp into some kind of liquid, but the blender would jam. I’d end up with pulp spurting our all over my kitchen, creating quite a mess.

Then came the miracle that changed my life: my daughter told me about the Vitamix machine. Lickety-split, I went online to investigate this too-good-to-be true juicer and was thrilled!

The Vitamix machine was exactly what I’d been looking for all these years. I ordered one and within 24 hours I had the most amazing juice ever! How can I describe perfection? Two words! Vitamix machine!

I’ve been juicing two to four times every day for the past three and a half years, and I have absolutely no arthritic joint problems at all. This is pretty amazing when you consider that joint inflammation and swelling are classic ongoing lyme disease problems.

I love my Vitamix so much that I even brought it to my doctor’s office for a demonstration! He said, “Laura, that’s great. Just keep doing what you’re doing!”

Bottom line, if I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have three things, I’d choose:


01 My Vitamix

02 A generator

03 Propane fuel


My Vitamix machine has not only changed my life, I believe it has sustained my life!

Thank you, Vitamix! Although I’m a grandmother, I look and feel like a spring chicky! Congratulations on a terrific product!

By Laura Keller, New York