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A Powerhouse in my Kitchen and in my Life

My favorite and most frequently used kitchen appliance is my Vitamix. This powerhouse makes light of the ways I use it to stay healthy, energetic, and young.

Ten years ago, at age 70, I developed a rare, dangerous, and incurable disease. My lifetime of influential work in music education was threatened. That is when the Vitamix and I swung into action preparing nourishing, healthful, and delicious meals without any toxic or unpronounceable additives or high costs. I’ve been healthy all my life, and I didn’t intend to accept my diagnosis without an intelligent campaign to defy it.

It worked! I am now 80, and I credit the Vitamix, along with my belief that food is our best and nost preventative medicine, for my glowing health, youthful energy and high spirits.

The parents of my young piano students tell me that I am working rings around them! When the teachers who study with me find out how old I am, they want to know my secret.

I owe a great deal to m Vitamix and to the company that has been providing such a valuable aid to good health and delicious, nourishing meals for 90 years. I intend to match, and possible exceed, that long recored. I love my work as an educator, author, and one woman publishing company, and I value my Vitamix to keep me going full strength into the future!

By Mary Gae George, Utah