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Computer Posture and your Health

As you read these words – don’t move a muscle. Remain in the exact position you were when you started reading this message. Okay, now observe your posture (without moving). Are you hunched forward? Are you slouching? Is your body twisted in some way? If... read more
Addicted to Twitter

Addicted to Twitter

Last Thursday morning, I sat down at my computer, just like any other day. I checked my e-mail and glanced at the news website. But when I opened Twitter, expecting the usual hodgepodge of scattered thoughts and hectic questions, I found there was nothing there.... read more

Cruciferous Vegetables Protective

The health benefits of broccoli and related vegetables may come in part from a chemical known as sulforaphane, which appears to activate a specific heart-protecting protein, according to a study conducted by researchers from Imperial College, London and published in... read more