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A Health Freedom Zone in America (and in Australia)

(This proposal was written by an American. However, its principles would apply equally in Australia.)

Most Americans now realize that the drugs-and-surgery approach to health care is a failure. Keeping people sick and diseased so that you can pump more profits into the pharmaceutical corporations just doesn’t work to keep any state (or nation) healthy. In the long run, any state or nation that traps its people in a failed system of pharma-sponsored sick-care is doomed to financial failure.

If America stays on this current path of monopolized pharmaceutical medicine while continuing to outlaw and censor natural therapies, America will be financially ruined along with its states, cities, corporations and families.

But there is a solution: The creation of a Health Freedom Zone in America.

Here’s how it would work: All it takes is just one state — such as Oregon, Washington, Arizona or Hawaii — declaring itself to be a “health freedom zone”.

This state would openly allow naturopathic physicians and “CAM” practitioners (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) to treat (and help cure) serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others. It would openly allow Chinese Medicine doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and other well-educated health practitioners to offer nutritional therapies to prevent and cure serious disease. At the same time, it would allow nutritional supplement companies to tell the truth about the therapeutic effects of their products on the product labels, so that consumers buying such products at retailers within the state could make informed decisions about how (for example) to prevent cancer with vitamin D.

If just one state were to step up and much such a declaration, it would instantly transform itself into the natural health capita of North America and patients and natural health practitioners would flock to the state from around the world to experience natural medicine that really works.

The results of this would include all the following:

01 The state would experience a booming economy from the huge influx of new natural health businesses and customers engaged in “natural health medical tourism”.

02 Potentially millions of new jobs would be created in this state in support of these businesses, including office staff, logistics, administration, marketing and much more.

03 The state’s residents would become healthier, because they would now have access to naturopathic medicine, honestly-labelled nutritional supplements (instead of the supplement censorship that is now forced upon us by the USFDA), and natural therapies that are safer, more affordable and more effective than drugs and surgery.

04 Because the state’s population is now becoming healthier, the state’s expenditures on Medicare would plummet. So even while the economy is booming from natural health care tourism, its residents are also spending less on sickness and disease.

05 The workforce becomes highly productive and desirable. As the population becomes healthier and regains strong cognitive function thanks to nutrition, the workforce becomes sharper and healthier. Corporations experience higher productivity and reduced losses due to sick time of staff, and the state gains a reputation as a place where companies can hire smart, productive and healthy people who have far lower health care costs. Can you imagine the huge influx of corporations and the massive job creation that would follow?

06 As all of this is going on, the state would also see dramatic increases in happiness and longevity among the population. And that translates into quality of life that gets your cities named as top choices for places to live.