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Your Body and the HyperVibe

Some call it the “jiggle machine”, and when we first heard about it, we thought it belonged in the “if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is” category, but we were wrong. Believe it or not, you just stand (or sit or lie) there and the machine goes for it!... read more

Acid/ Alkaline and Your Health

” Drink your milk!” has been a common (and erroneous) adage to build healthy bones. Milk actually contributes to an acidic environment in the body, and acidic environments in the body actually create weak bones and create an optimal environment for... read more

“New Improved” Prostate Surgery Isn’t

Hospitals and surgeons love new procedures with high-tech names – not because they’re better, but because they can charge bigger bucks for them. The latest technique for prostate cancer is called laparoscopic surgery, but it’s often marketed as... read more

Beware Soy

Soy is found in almost every prepared and processed food on the market. Whether it is soy protein, soybean oil, or soy lecithin, soy derivatives have become an almost universal additive in manufactured food products. Commonly thought to be a healthy, protein-dense... read more

Deadly Scents

The next time you come across a kitchen that smells “lemony fresh,” or get a whiff of a cool mountain glen from your t-shirt, don’t breathe too deeply. According to researchers from the University of Washington, air fresheners and fragranced laundry... read more

3D TV and Your Eyesight

A few days ago I found an odd package waiting in my mailbox. One of the commercial TV networks got my postie to deliver a pair of 3D glasses – very old school, with separate red and blue lenses. I spent a few moments assembling them, and presto! I looked like... read more