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An Inspiring Story

I have been following Hippocrates with interest since 2000. It’s fascinating to see the medical profession and health authorities being dragged into the arena of food as medicine, the way it is supposed to be, in spite of their corruption and total disdain for human life.

It’s a very hard slog. You have maintained this presence, and it has been a huge help.

I went off conventional meds on national TV in 2000. At that time I weighed 100 kg from a multitude of prescribed meds, alcohol and bad diet. As part of this process I studied “food as medicine” at the College of Natural Medicine, and then started to apply what I researched.

I was very ill. The negative effects of the medication compounded my issues, and the confusion caused depression. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, two forms of arthritis, depression, PTSD, chronic insomnia, panic attacks, migraines, and multiple food and chemical sensitivities. My hair and teeth fell out and I had spontaneous unexplained nose bleeds. I reacted to everything, even plain water at one time.

I trusted my doctor implicitly, and was given several experimental drugs. It wasn’t until I was given Effexor SR (for a so-called chemical imbalance of the brain that fifteen years later turned out to be migraines) that I realised how very dangerous the drugs were.

After nine months of treatment, I accidentally missed a dose and went into heavy withdrawals by midday. I became light and sound sensitive, and had severe nausea, itchy skin and electric shocks in my head and feet. It was hideous, yet both the doctor and pharmaceutical rep would not help me, as the drug had only been trialled on fourteen days’ use. They both suggested I use yet another drug to wean off.

I brought myself down to the lowest dose (35.5gm, down from 150gm). but was advised at that point to take one every second day. It seems no one understood that missing a day bought on those severe symptoms.

In the end, against both lots of advice, I split the cap and each day removed two beads to reduce the dose. I use cannabis for pain and sleep, and have never looked back.

I weaned off all meds in a matter of months, including (among others) Stilnox, Affexor SR, Celebrex, Tramodol, Lyrica. I had a psychotic episode on Tramodol and was unkindly discharged from a doctor’s office for refusing to continue to take it.

I replaced it with cannabis and now have very few symptoms. My weight has leveled at 60 kilos and at 62 years old, I am a working member of our community.

That was in 2002. Since then I have started a small business, returned to university and am currently studying Criminology and Criminal Justice. I will cease formal study this year, and will devote my time to food and sustainability research.

I am so glad you had the strength to fight, as I know the cost is high.

I just want you all to know that I have gained strength from your DVDs, books and newsletters, and the knowledge that I am not alone — although it feels like it most of the time.

Thanks and kind regards,
Robyn Knight

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