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Vitamix Brings Out My Creativity!

It is the one culinary tool that I would not want to be without! I work as a local product expert and salesperson for a national kitchenware retailer. As such, I am a trusted authority for our store, our staff, and most importantly, our valued customers.

To say that I have been empowered and inspired, and have become more creative because of my Vitamix is an understatement. In my position, I am expected to achieve superior product knowledge and I certainly have achieved that regarding the Vitamix brand.

I use my Vitamix every day. Prep time for meals has been shortened considerable, allowing me to have more confidence in my cooking and spend more time with my family and friends. I have always enjoyed cooking, but a Vitamix just makes it so much easier and most importantly, more fun, As home cooks, my family, friends, and customers all know several things about a Vitamix, whether they own one now, or will own one in the future:

  • Vitamix is the only kitchen tool which allows the home cook to create like a professional chef and gives you the ability to “think outside the box” with your food preparation and meal creation because of its ease of use and superior reliability.
  • Vitamix is the only kitchen tool that provides inspiration to the home cook just by having it in your kitchen because you know there is nothing it cannot process to perfection, no matter how intimidation the recipe or the ingredients may seem.
  • And, finally, Vitamix is the only kitchen tool to truly empower the home cook to emulate the professional chef in terms of food creation and styling.

My Vitamix has truly allowed me to be more creative in the kitchen. There is literally nothing that I can conceive of preparing for a meal that cannot be accomplished with the machine.

By Mary Lou Bukar, Illinios