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The Anticipation of a Vitamix

My wife, Alyson, has very simple desires, and the greatest two are to spend time with our family of eight children and for all of us to be healthy. She knew that a VitaMix would give us the opportunity to have raw fruits and vegetables bursting with nutrition and antioxidants prepared in a way that even our little 2-year-old would love.

Alyson’s birthday was coming up soon, so I visited the VitaMix website and excitedly placed the order. It looked like it would arrive in plenty of time, but I couldn’t be sure. I called VitaMix customer service to confirm that it would arrive in time for Alyson’s birthday. The kind customer service representative shared that while she couldn’t make any promises or guarantees, she’d do her best to make sure we had our VitaMix in time for the celebration.

Days began to click by without a word when, to my surprise, I received a notification of delivery and then, out of the blue, the 5200 arrived several days early!

Words cannot express the amazement and wonder on not only my wife’s face, but on all of the faces of my children when the wrapping paper come off and the word VitaMix appeared on the cover of the box!

This birthday would be remembered forever, thanks to one customer serice representative who went the extra mile to make sure a 5200 unit was somehow shipped four days ahead of schedule.

But the gift doesn’t stop there. Since then the VitaMix has completely transformed our family’s eating habits. We’ve made more healthy drinks in the past few months than in the previous years of our marriage combined. Each day, our children are now eating three or four times the recommended daily amount of fruits and veggies.

Thank you VitaMix, for being more than a company, for realizing that you are creating more that a machine – you are creating memories and leaving a legacy of healthy eating that we will pass on to our children, and to our grandchildren some day!

 Brad Shedd, Virginia