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A Tribute to Dr. Ann Wigmore by Victoria Boutenko

I truly admire Dr. Ann Wigmore. (1909-1994).

Whenever I order a shot of wheatgrass, I feel that I personally know Dr. Ann. Wheatgrass juice makes me healthier. I owe the opportunity of drinking it at my local co-op to Dr. Ann. Thanks to her, people in the whole world can drink wheatgrass juice and enjoy its countless healing benefits. I find it amazing how Ann Wigmore is continuing to touch our lives after she has passed away, even though many of us have never met her, or even heard her name.

Not only did Dr. Ann discover and thoroughly research the great healing properties of wheatgrass, she also developed and thoroughly described the process of growing wheatgrass in trays at home or any location. She came up with an inexpensive wheatgrass juicer to make this elixir of life available to everyone. I appreciate many of Dr. Ann’s inventions, which we all conveniently utilize in our everyday lives, while thinking that they have existed forever. Who remembers today that raw gourmet food began with Dr. Ann’s “seed cheese” and “raw soup” recipes. She invented for us “nut milks” and dehydrated crackers, “almond loaf” and “live candy”.

Dr. Ann introduced a variety of sprouts into our lives. She also came up with a sprouting bag. Whenever my family travels, we always pack sprouting seeds to guarantee a fresh supply of greens. Dr. Ann called sprouts Living Foods. It is hard to imagine that these words didn’t exist some time ago.

Dr. Ann discovered the many healing benefits of blending foods, especially greens. Dr Ann Wigmore lived the last several years of her life almost completely on blended foods, a large part of which consisted of greens. She noticed that blended foods were assimilated more easily. For instance, she would say about fruit, “If I have an apple, I will blend it instead of munch it, because I don’t want to waste its energy or mine.” She observed that eating blended food gave her superior health and cut her hours of sleep down to two hours per night.

Before Dr. Ann, people utilized blenders for “insignificant” purposes such as whipping eggs and making cocktails. Today, we cannot imagine a raw food kitchen without a powerful blender. Dr. Ann Wigmore clearly saw the tight connection between organic soil and human health, and she began promoting organic gardening and composting in the sixties when most people were embracing chemical fertilizers as the future of agriculture.

I see Ann Wigmore’s uniqueness in her ability to pay attention to a wide spectrum of events, to explore living on this planet as one whole process, and to apply her expertise to many different aspects of life. She didn’t choose to be a specialist in just one narrow field as many others have done. She dared to form her personal opinion about everything she encountered, be it blood analysis, colonic irrigations, fasting, food composition, bacteria, gardening, or drinking water. Due to her all-inclusive vision, she was able to create a healing system that has helped thousands of people.

Dr. Ann was known to work vigorously and productively. She invented new ideas daily. She kept herself in notably excellent shape, always running, never walking.

In addition to her profound research in the field of human health, Dr. Ann was an animal rights activist. She fought against fluoridation and chlorination of drinking water and chemical pollution.

Dr. Ann is well-recognized around the world. In my travels I continue to encounter people who ask me if I have heard of Dr. Ann Wigmore. This inquiry is usually followed by an exciting story about another human life saved by Dr. Ann’s teachings. I doubt it is possible to calculate just how many lives this brilliant woman saved. She herself was one of the healthiest people on the planet in the twentieth century. Dr. Ann was living her talk and practicing in her own life everything that she was teaching. Most of all, however, people who met her in person remember her for her benevolent loving spirit.

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