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Real Food for Bonnie

In 2006 I purchased a Vitamix for my daughter Bonnie, who has arthrogryposis, a joint and muscle disorder. Her jaw is formed differently, requiring her to be tube fed. She was receiving breast milk, but it just wasn’t enough at age 2.

Looking for solutions, I heard that I could blend absolutely anything in a Vitamix. Bonnie wants to eat but does not have the ability to chew and swallow. The first thing I blended was what she wanted, Cup of Noodles, as that’s what her 14 year old brother was having for lunch.

Bonnie often had reflux and would vomit even my milk, but the Cup of Noodles actually stayed down. For dinner that night we fed her salmon, red potatoes, green beans, and bread, We were amazed that it stayed down, too!

Within two nights we went form feeding her only during sleep via a pump, to sitting at the table with her, as she ate what we ate, at regular meal times. Her skin color improved. Her muscles grew. She began to actually use her walker to take steps. Her bowel movements became normal. She gained control.

Now, she can swallow small amounts of her blended food, walk with crutches, and we are working on independent walking. I truly believe that feeding her real food with the Vitamix was a major key in her development. Her doctors were all amazed at the overnight transition to a happier, healthier, bubblier child.

I love the Vitamix so much that I now have two, one at home and one at my mother’s vacation home. I wish I had a back up just in case. I need it that much. If my home were to catch fire, I would grab my family members and my Vitamix on the way out.

Vitamix, thank you so much for giving me the ability to feed my daughter!

By Beverly Hanset-Burch, Oregon