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My Personal Wonder Drink (Colitis)

I was a bit skeptical when I forst ordered my Vitamix three years ago, concerned it I could afford this purchase. My neighbor, who already had a Vitamix, convinced me at least to try it. She explained how the Vitamix retains the pulp in blending, providing one the most important nutritional components of fruits and vegetables, fiber.

Since I was diagnosed with colitis, fiber is especially important in my diet. Ive always preferred a natural or holistic approach to treating any condition, and so I put nutritional eating to the test rather than taking prescription medication.

In doing so, my Bitamix has become my favorite appliance. Within a month of drinking my daily 16 ounce “Vitamix Wonder Drink,” (anti-inflammatory organic fruit and vegetable smoothie), taking my daily probiotic, and making sure I minimized the consumption of foods I discovered I was sensitive to, my GI issues were entirely resolved, entirely without medication. The probiotic and food sensitivities alone did not correct the problem. The problem was only corrected once I added Vitamix drinks to my daily routine.

After a month of using the Vitamix machine, the question was no longer, “Can I afford to own the Vitamix?” but after all of the health benefits I received, the question became, “Can I afford not to own the Vitamix?”

The Vitamix has paid off many times. I cannot put a price on the health benefits derived long term. Not only is my GI tract entirely back to normal, but I also have more energy and a constant state of wellbeing. I feel great!

Buying my Vitamix is among my top 10 best decisions ever!

By Maria Glezos, Maryland