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Good Health Is Inspirational!

Vitamix has inspired me since I was a child and spent summers with my aunt, watching her make magic health drinks, yummy hot soups, and delicious frozen desserts. Aunt Wini was proactive about good health in the dark ages of nutrition in the 1950s, before most people knew about antioxidants.

After enduring a chronic illness, she learned that VitaMix was a fast and easy way to achieve good nutrition, and she was inspired enough to become a manager for one of the few health food stored in New York at the time.

An advocate for holistic living, Aunt Wini credited her VitaMix with improving her health and tried to share her knowledge with others. When my Aunt Frieda was diagnosed with throat cancer, which entailed powerful radiation treatments, the doctors warned about the dire side effects. Aunt Wini encouraged Aunt Frieda to get a VitaMix as soon as possible. She followed Aunt Wini’s recipes loaded with the nutrition not found in cans. The doctors couldn’t understand why Aunt Frieda kept her hair, stayed radiant, and maintained a healthy weight and appetite. Aunt Wini was happy to inform them about a machine that could break food down to a cellular level that even a cancer patient, unable to eat solids, could thrive on.

Last year for my birthday, I finally received my first VitaMix. I always held off buying one because it is a bit pricier than most kitchen appliances. I now realize how right Aunt Wini was. The VitaMix is not just any kitchen appliance; It is a health-giving machine. I use it every day to prepare healthier meals that have improved my own and my family’s immune systems.

Every time I prepare healthful foods with organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and feel the positive results, I’m grateful for Aunt Wini and VitaMix. Good health is inspirational.

 Pamela Fleming, Virginia