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Vitamix-The Best Prescription

I don’t really know what life would be like without a VitaMix. I have had a VitaMix in my house since I was a young child and we used it every day.

I remember the fun we had as children making banana/berry smoothies and ice creams, using the plunger that came with the canister. Even back then the VitaMix was the only blender that could blend the hard seeds from berries, making smooth and creamy berry ice cream, just with some frozen berries, a few dates, maybe a few slices of frozen banana and a splash of milk.

Later, as a competitive athlete, I couldn’t live without my VitaMix shakes with fruit, seeds, nuts, and greens. My sister and I were on the World Figure Skating Team and placed second in the United States in pairs skating back in the early 1970s. We consumed lots of food and healthy smoothies made in the VitaMix.

When I had to live away from home because of our training requirements and events, we had a second VitaMix that always traveled with us. I kept that same 1960s model Vitamix for over thirty years, using it daily, even when I got married and had my own children.

Eventually, I gave that machine to a patient with fibromyalgia who was having a hard time and I bought the new model. I still use my VitaMix every day, as do my daughters, who have theirs at college. Whether for homemade salad dressings with seeds and nuts, sun dried tomatoes, fruit and a splash of vinegar; creamy soups; green smoothies, frozen fruit ice creams or healthy pie crusts; my family uses our VitaMix for two of our three meals daily.

I have turned many thousands of my clients and readers into VitaMix users and, between my nutritional guidance and the VitaMix, we may have averted medical tragedies and brought about amazing health benefits. Eating healthfully is cheaper than bypass surgery and that’s exactly what the VitaMix helps my clients do. Just give me my VitaMix and a sharp knife and it’s smooth sailing.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Family Physician, Best-selling Author, Nutritional Researcher