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Your Brain and Coconut Oil

As far back as 2004, a study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging determined that coconut oil improved cognitive function among older folks with memory problems and even Alzheimer’s disease.

They took twenty subjects and randomly fed them coconut oil or placebos on different days. Some of the Alzheimer’s group demonstrated improved scoring on a special Alzheimer’s cognitive rating scale, and all of them demonstrated better paragraph recall shortly after taking each dose of coconut oil.

This wasn’t a long -erm study. They got immediate positive cognitive and memory results from single doses of coconut oil compared to placebos.

In 2008, Dr Mary Newport’s husband had deteriorated from Alzheimer’s so badly he couldn’t draw a simple illustration of a clock or perform daily functions without being micromanaged.

Since the Alzheimer’s drug developed in 2004 was not effective, Dr. Newport tried to get him into a trial for a new Alzheimer’s drug. But he was so bad off he didn’t qualify.

After discovering that this new drug was a synthetic version of medium chain triglycerides for creating ketone bodies and improving brain function, she researched and realized that coconut oil also contained MCTs.

After feeding her husband coconut oil, he started making a remarkable comeback from near-100% dementia to being able to start and finish tasks and remember people and events.

Dr. Newport observed that only two daily doses spaced eight hours apart were sufficient.

Newport’s success without side effects places coconut oil as the dementia food medicine of choice over expensive and harmful pharmaceuticals. Since they went viral on the internet with their experience, several others experiencing Alzheimer’s or memory problems have benefited from coconut oil.

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Coconut Oil As an Alzheimer’s Treatment – Dr. Mary Newport