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Irregular Heartbeat

I had been experiencing heart irregularities for several years, then suddenly my heart was bouncing around like there was a small animal in my chest. I would become very ill, full of dread and almost pass out. I thought my end was nigh. This went on for three or four days.

My doctor sent me to a specialist who changed my meds, which only made me more ill and did nothing for the condition. He also booked me for a chemical stress test. However, I felt that I would never make it before the day arrived.

I purchased magnesium. Within 24 hours my heart was beating normally for the first time in a long, long while. For me, this was a miracle. I then became angry with my doctor and specialist for not telling me about this life-saving nutrient. I truly believe my life was in danger. I am now readng everything I can get on the subject.

Christine White

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