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Coconut Oil and Diabetes

If you’re not mad for coconut oil, you should be.

It’s taken a while, but mainstream research is finally starting to catch on to the health benefits of coconut oil – even if they still can’t quite put two and two together, as usual.

But that’s OK – I’m ready to do that for them.

I was all set to celebrate when I read the latest study on mice in the journal ” Diabetes ” , which found that coconut oil can protect against insulin resistance without leading to fat accumulation in the body.

But my jaw dropped when I read the conclusion these knuckleheads came up with.

Despite their own evidence that a diet rich in delicious, fatty coconut oil can help you lose weight and avoid diabetes, they spewed the same tired line about how high-fat diets are the main cause of diabetes.

They called their own results “interesting” and said that maybe, just maybe, it means that someone looking to maintain their current weight can use some coconut oil in place of other oils.

Did they even read their own results?

Because of its high saturated fat content, coconut oil has been the target of a vicious hate campaign over the years, orchestrated by the anti-fat lunatics who have been ruining our diet for generations.

These are the same brilliant minds who got the entire nation hooked on trans – fats. That switch led to as many as 100,000 entirely unnecessary cardiac deaths each year, and trans fats are now being banned everywhere.

Talk about the mistake of the century!

I’m a firm believer in the powers of coconut oil, and this latest study is just the tip of the palm tree.

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