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Magnesium and Children

It’s not only adults who suffer from magnesium-deficient diets. Our children are also susceptible when their favorite foods are magnesium-deficient fast foods. Kids feel stressed from peer pressure, academic and athletic performance pressures, worries about body image, hormonal fluctuations of puberty, and exposure to negative events and violence through the media. Even playing in a band (because of the loud noise) can be a risk factor. ADHD, autism, juvenile delinquency, and childhood depression are associated with magnesium deficiency, and many state that these conditions can be caused by it.

ADHD and autistic children often can’t sleep, are constipated, and experience twitching and spasming, irritability and moodiness – all symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Within days of taking magnesium, these kids are frequently entirely different. They are no longer constipated, they sleep better, and they are calmer and more enjoyable to be with.

As for the safety of magnesium – there is no buildup of magnesium in the body. If there is “too much”, then users experience the laxative effect, which removes excess magnesium from the body.

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