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Vitamix for Health, Life, and Career! (Weight Loss)

I purchased my VitaMix six years ago when faced with a medical condition that required that I either puree or liquefy all on my food. After years of overeating, overindulgence, and simply being out of control, my stomach ruptured and I had to take drastic measures in order to eat. I considered liquefying my Snickers, my Big Macs and all of the things I was currently consuming, but decided if I had to do this, I might as well do it right.

I purchased the VitaMix and followed a lot of the recipes, as well as developed some very interesting things on my own. Although I realize my results may not be typical, by hard work and following a strict diet of VitaMix concoctions morning, noon, and night, I was able to get my problem under control and dropped 161 pounds in eight and a half months!

My family lived in another state and although we talked on the telephone frequently, I didn’t see my daughter or my family for a year. I was flying back to attend my daughter’s wedding and told my family that I had lost “some weight” but did not tell them how much.

When I got to the rehearsal dinner, I pulled my daughter aside and said “Pookie, it’s Mom,” to which she responded, “No, it’s not!” But then she said, “Well, it must be you, Mom, because you are the only person who calls me Pookie.” I asked that she not say anything to anyone and I sat down in a corner and waited.

Throughout the next half hour, countless people, including my own mother, my sisters, my children’s father, and his wife all passed by me, expressing concern that I was not there yet, that they had not heard from me, etc. At one point, the children’s father mentioned that I had a dress shipped to their home because I was traveling and said he’s been told I had lost “some weight.”

He was concerned that I was going to be upset because I’d have to go shopping for something to wear to the wedding, because the dress that arrived was a size 4. He commented, “I know she said she lost weight, but there’s no way she wears a size 4!” My family used to joke that I wore clothing made by Omar the Tentmaker.

A little later they announced dinner and said they would fix a plate for me upon my arrival. It was only then that my daughter told them I was there. They asked if I was in the restroom and she responded, “No, she is sitting right over there.” Needless to say, everyone was surprised, shocked, and a little embarrassed that I may have (and indeed had) heard their comments.

Later in the year, I ran into my ex-husband at a party in Dallas. After eighteen years of marriage, he had served me with divorce papers when I was in the hospital, less than two years before. He was unaware that I had lost a tremendous amount of weight. It was quite humorous when he approached me, asked for my name and number and then whistled at me. Only then did I say, “You didn’t whistle at me for eighteen years; I don’t think you get to whistle at me now!: He was with another man and just slinked away. I heard him say in his strong Texas drawl, “I think that MAY be my ex-wife!” He didn’t even know me!

Because of my success with VitaMix, I was passionate about sharing this product and accepted a job as a show demonstrator. It is my privilege to help impact the lives of others with my personal experiences and I hope that I can inspire them to change their lives by using the VitaMix to its maximum potential. I tell them if they are healthy, they will remain healthy, and if they need help, VitaMix will get them on the right track. VitaMix isn’t just a machine, it’s a lifestyle.

Thank you for the opportunity to impact my life and others’ lives and to be a part of the VitaMix family.

I owe it all to VitaMix: my health, my life, my career, and my weight loss. Thanky you, VitaMix!

Note:  Vitamix makes no dietary recommedation, health or weight loss claims in relationship to any particular recipes or use of the VitaMix machine.

 Jacqueline Brothers, Vitamix Show Demonstrator, Iowa