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Timothy Loves Vitamix!

I bought my Vitamix a little over three years ago when I was six months pregnant. With a new baby on the way, I wanted to be a good example for my child from the very beginning.

During the last part of my pregnancy, I enjoyed Vitamix fruit smoothies with hidden carrots and cabbage, freshly made salsa and healthy all natural ice cream to make sure my baby would get everything he needed from the start. The best thing I could do for the little one growing inside of me was to nourish him with wholesome Vitamix food.

When Timothy was born, I continued using the Vitamix every day. Most mothers of newborns are constantly tired due to lack of sleep. Foods prepared in my Vitamix gave me the energy to keep up with the crazy schedule of being a new mom, while keeping the house clean and cooking for my family.

When Timothy was about six months old, I started making his baby food-vegetables, meats, and fruit-in the Vitamix. I knew exactly what I was feeding my child: good home-cooked meals without chemicals. Unlike so many kids these days, my son learned to love the taste of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Today, Timothy loves his smoothie treat after his afternoon nap. Although he’s only three years old, he knows how to work the machine already. With only a little of mommy’s help, he makes his own smoothie, giggling while throwing in the strawberries, grapes, and baby carrots. The other day, he threw a red papper into his blueberry grape juice…and he actually drank it!

Whenever we go to Costco and Vitamix has a presentation, Timothy is so excited! He grew up with that machine and loves the sound it makes when it goes full speed.

I am convinced that using our Vitamix is the best recipe for a healthy childhood. And it has make me a better mom, able to easily introduce a world of wholesome, nutritional foods to Timothy from the beginning.

One day I am sure he will own his own machine because he will have learned that it is a God sent gift for health and well-being. I believe by teaching my child to enjoy healthy foods, I’m giving him the best present anyone can give, and that is exactly what Vitamix gave us. Thank you, Vitamix!

By Carmen Mason, California