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Sailing Through Life With Our Vitamix (Constipation/Bronchitis)

My husband and I live on a sailboat off the east coast of central Florida. Living on a sailboat provides little space for appliances. I’ve had a Vitamix for over 15 years and absolutely love it, especially as the Vitamix is easy to store since it is primarily only two pieces, and I can make so many things in a tropical climate without cooking.

We sail often on the Indian River or offshore, which means we can’t store a lot of possessions or leave things sitting on counters or shelves. Appliances that have minimal pieces, are lightweight, and are easy to clean work best.

This outdoor lifestyle is about being light on possessions and healthy in our mind and body. We climb around the boat like monkeys, using stairs constantly, as well as jumping into the water often to scrub the hull of the boat, or scuba dive just for fun! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable way to live close to nature, and our food choices reflect that. We’re eating fresher, simpler food.

The ease of using the Vitamix has increased my love for healthy food. When I received my Vitamix, I was eating a SAD, Standard American Diet, and had constant constipation. My husband had attacks of bronchitis that plagued him most of his life. We both started eating more fruits and vegetables and making fresh dressings without salt or sugar, as well as making daily green smoothies, and we no longer suffer from either of those problems.

Mow my life has turned into one big adventure! I’m younger and healthier than ever at 52 years. My diet now keeps me loving nature and all its diversity. I do yoga regularly, bike, walk, and kayak and I’m ready for whatever comes up like a hiking vacation to the mountains or a walk on the beach. I love to travel and I don’t get sick on planes, trains, or automobiles even when visiting other countries.

I have so much enthusiasm for Vitamix that I purchased one for each of our four adult children and now they are eating healthier than ever as well. Living on a sailboat we only have space for three appliances, but if I had to choose only one it would definitely be the Vitamix!

By Gail Seidler, Florida