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Lupus Made Easier

I’m new to the Vitamix family, having only purchased mine this past May 2010. Already, owning and using a Vitamix has changed my life.

Twelve years ago I became pregnant with twins; the pregnancy triggered an immune response. I was subsequently diagnosed with lupus nephritis, a nasty, chronic disease that viciously attacks the kidneys. Caring for newborn twins and dealing with kidney disease is no easy task. Between the pills, the injections, the blood work, the doctor visits, and trying to have some semblance of normalcy, it wasn’t easy to find balance in my life. The words “diet and exercise” barely fit into my vocabulary during this time.

Fast forward 11 years: my health and lupus have improved and my children are thriving. But this 12th year has been the most encouraging.

In October 2009, I discovered and read Dr. Joel Fuhrmant’s book, Eat to Live and began to implement his diet and lifestyle suggestions. For any one not familiar with him, he is an avid proponent of owning a Vitamix machine and highly recommends using it to reach weight loss goals.

I purchased my Vitamix that spring and can unequivocally say that it has changed my life! Not only have I lost 15 pounds, but my blood work values have improved. At 42 years old, I joined a kickboxing class!

It sounds silly to attribute so much success to one little machine; however, this little machine is a lifesaver. Preparing fresh, chemical free foods, cooking meals, offering healthful snacks…it all becomes so easy with a Vitamix. My family relies on it daily.

Thank you, Vitamix, from the bottom of my heart (or should I say kidneys) and congratulations on 90 years of inspiration!

By Adrienne Corcoran, Maryland