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I Want One of Those!

Years ago I owned a good blender that I used often to make smoothies with fruit and other soft, easy to blend ingredients. I was disappointed that I could not incorporate more fibrous produce into my smoothies and “drink” my veggies.

One evening about two years ago, I overhead something on the local news about a thriving local company by the name of VitaMix. I went to my computer, looked up the company and said to my husband, “As soon as my blender breaks, I want one of those.”

My husband found that a local store would soon be having a VitaMix demonstration. I told him I would go, but that under no circumstances was I going to buy one then! We both watched the demonstration and partway through I turned to him and said, “I want one now.” After he stopped laughing we bought one without hesitation.

I regard the VitaMix as the single best purchase we have ever made. I even considered buying a second one, just in case the company ever went out of business. Everyone I know has heard me rave about my VitaMix, as I use it every day. It has doubled or tripled the amount of fruits and vegetables I consume, I feel better since I have started using it and know that I am healthier because of VitaMix.

VitaMix employees, understand that you are not just making an appliance; you are providing a product that can improve people’s health. Thank you, VitaMix employees, for your work in producing such a high quality product.

Jean Honsa, Ohio