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Good Nutrition (Leukemia)

I was diagnosed with leukemia ten years ago this month, have been on three clinical drug trials, and have had all of the approved new CML drugs. Unfortunately, even cutting-edge drugs never put me into remission.

My bone marrow is regularly tested, with three tests completed every three months from a bone marrow biopsy. One tests how many bad cells are found, out of 20 total cells. In my tests, I have scored as high as 16 bad cells out of 20. In other words, that’s not good news.

Knowing that good nutrition can assist in healing, I turned to my VitaMix. We have blueberry bushes, so I started making smoothies every morning for my husband and me. We use our blueberries, along with spinach, apples, oranges, carrots, cabbage, and any other fruit or veggies.

My first biopsy that was completed after regularly enjoying our smoothies showed only one bad cell out of 20! Three months later, I had a perfect score, 0 out of 20, and was declared officially to be in remission for the first time in nine years!

I just had my third biopsy and it, too, is 0 out of 20! I feel great for the first time in ten years and although I have been on leukemia drugs, my counts only improved after I started using my VitaMix to prepare healthful food choices, in conjunction with my medical treatments.

I am so grateful to VitaMix for making it possible for me to take control over my diet and to improve my health!

Patti Dehlen, Washington