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From Veggie-Hater to Green Smoothie Lover

I often worried about my eldest daughter Lily’s health because she refused to eat almost any vegetable. Many extended family members would voice their concerns about her, and I tried to find new ways to give her at least one dose of healthy vegetables. Lily would pick every vegetable off of any pizza, stir fry, or casserole. I wanted her to live a vibrant and healthy life, but I knew it would be downright impossible without increasing her consumption of vegetables.

One Saturday, my family and I went to our local Sam’s Club where a Vitamix demonstration was underway. The demonstrator was a lively, older man who was full of vitality. He told the crowd that he used to be overweight until he changed his diet, by drinking one or two meals a day, prepared in the Vitamix. He said that it had been a few years since he lost the weight, and that he had successfully kept it off.

The Vitamix demonstrator make a delicious concoction called a “cabbage-cino.” I eagerly ran up to the table to get a sample cup for each of my family members. I was very hopeful, yet I wondered if it was even remotely possible to make raw cabbage taste good. As I took a sip, I was astounded at the sweetness of the drink, which only had a bit of fruit as a sweetener. It was one of the most divine drinks I had ever imbibed in my life! I looked at my dear daughter, Lily, aka the Veggie Hater, who was licking every drop from her cup. There is nothing that could have better convinced me of my need for a Vitamix than seeing my daughter enjoy every sip of her smoothie.

We saved our money to buy a Vitamix as soon as possible. Since then, Lily, who is the eldest of four children, is my helper every morning in whipping up a green smoothie. She even shares with extended family members and friends about the importance of drinking green smoothies. I no longer have to sneak vegetables into Lily’s meals. Lily will consume any green, from kale to spinach, as long as it is put into the Vitamix. We have even started growing vegetables in our garden, which are her favorites to add to our smoothies.

My daughter has much more energy now and is enjoying life so much more. Words fail to express my gratitude for my favorite kitchen gadget, the Vitamix. Lily and her three younger siblings are enthusiastic about drinking green smoothies each and every day. Thanks to the Vitamix, my daughter can live a full and energized life.

By Christine Jelinek, North Carolina