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Radiation Disaster

My darling Mother, Angela discovered a lump in her breast in 2001. The lump was cancer, and she was assured they got it in time and they had found none in the lymph glands.

Mum had the mastectomy and then some years later was found to have cancer of the bowel and pancreas. Doctors operated on the bowel and found a tumour in the pancreas. They used chemo to shrink the tumour and got it down, they said to about the size of an inch or two. Then they said they were just going to use radiation to get rid of it all together.

Well, after the sores on my dearest Mother’s mouth and other places had gone, they pronounced her cancer free and sent her home. After a year or so they found that the cancer had spread from the bowel, pancreas, stomach and to the lungs. After hospital, they had given up on her and placed her in palliative care.

She then died slowly of starvation as they said the stomach could not let in even a tiny amount of food due to scar tissue from the radiation. The Doctor would also not allow a drip with food or water, as she was in palliative care.

We tried all natural means once we got her home, because by that time they had given up on her and we were allowed as the cancer had spread so much. My darling girl lasted a month at home and did seem to rally from some of the natural things we were trying but could never regain her strength as we could only give her a teaspoon of liquid at a time and she passed away two days after her 55th Wedding Anniversary on the 3/9/09.

Angela was only 75 and a nicer, more honest, more encouraging, loving Mother you would never find! Oh and she died not peacefully but dehydrated and gasping for air as the cancer had filled the lungs in a woman who never drank or smoked.

Yours sincerely
Lynette Booke