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I have had too may experiences causing me to never trust the medical profession again, but in having said that, there are times when one has to do so.

Not having gone to drs as a child other than to have my tonsils and adenoids out where they burnt by upper lip so badly on one side that it scared, I did not have much experience with drs.

When our children were small we never went near drs other than for what was considered back then as just the mild child-hood diseases which are now called killer diseases and although in all the schools that my husband has taught or been a School Principal over the past 55 years and in two countries, we never saw any damage done by these diseases.

1… Then our first real experience with drs was about 40 years ago when I became concerned about my daughters knees which turned totally inwards and the arch in her feet were so flat that she got sores on the arch bone hitting the ground.   The specialist said that he would chop her legs off just above the knees and turn them straight… Well, I was horrified, so I took her to a chiropractor who just said to look at her flat feet, he built up her shoes and her knees came into place..

2)… After I had finished my family, I was worried about my weight, (which now I realise was really not that bad), but the dr put me on Ponderax, L-thyroxine and Duromine all at the same time.   When my eye sight started to go funny he said it was not from the tablets, so I asked the chemist and he said yes that ???? effected the heart, liver and eyes.

3)… Our 12 year old daughter (now 52) was not maturing and was growing fast.   Because her two older brothers were hitting the 6’5” and are now 6’10” and 6’6” we took her to an Endocrinologist in Sydney who put her on very high doses of a hormone to bring on her periods and stop her growing.   We were told that otherwise she would have gone to 6’4”.  We shifted to Brisbane Australia and the endocrinologist there was horrified at the dosage that she was on.

We have since discovered that it might have been experimental but we were not told and the number of girls who were on these sorts of tablets are now having horrific problems and were not told that it was experimental.  Our daughter was not on the DES thank goodness, but we can’t find out what it was.

She now has 3 non malignant brain tumors, had both breasts off, her peristalsis action in her esophagus, bowels and stomach sometimes take a holiday causing her to have to have a feeding tube down, and her daughter also has the same peristalsis problem and has had a feeding tube for 3 years now.   Specialists can’t seem to find, (or it is in the two hard basket) what is wrong with her sweet 22 year old daughter and for the past three years she has been in a wheelchair.

4)… About two hrs after our first grand daughter had her first immunisation, I was sitting with her in my arms and because I was talking to my daughter in the other room, I had not noticed that she had stopped breathing and gone blue.   I resuscitated her and she had to be monitored for the next six months, but of course drs never reported it.. If we had of put her down to bed when we got home, she would just have been counted as another cot death.  She was so blue that I worried about brain damage but she is a very intelligent lass and a naturopath

5)…My husband had a knee replacement and like three others that we know of, he was not given blood thinners after the op and developed blood clots which luckily went to the lungs instead of the brain or heart and even after a year he still gets breathless.   He is a very healthy 77 year old, who played 18 holes of golf twice a week, but he can only play 9 holes twice a week now.

6)… My husband had had a red spot on his forearm where he had had the TB scratch as a child, and about 10 years ago my husband asked the Dr if the spot was anything to worry about, but he didn’t think so.   A year later he asked again and still the Dr didn’t think so but decided to take it to take it out anyway.  He rang in a panic withing 24 hrs and said it was a stage one and two melanoma.

I asked if he would be reporting it and he said no, so I asked the specialist who said that he wouldn’t be as there was no evidence that people get melanomas on the site of their immunisations.   Well, I have come across two other since then, one at my husbands school and a friend, but the only reason we knew was it was all wrapped up so one wonders just how many are there out there really that we don’t know about because their arm is no longer wrapped up…  For one, the red mark had never gone away when he had the scratch and two it was changing…

7).. My granddaughter, (the child of the mother who was on tablets), had failure to thrive but was pretty ok until she was 18 when her digestive system stopped working totally, no peristaltic movement at all, whereas before then she has somewhat ok.  No one seems to know what to do and she is in a wheelchair with a feeding tube into the duodenum.   My daughter even took her to America to see someone who said that they specialised in that area but didn’t get to see him, (long story)..

Hope these few help.. I am scared sick of ending up in hospital myself..

Evidently the third cause of death in the west is Dr’s, hospitals and pharmaceutical drugs.. that was first written up in the 2000 American medical journal and subsequent studies say the same..

Gaye Carman