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Elaine’s Book Saved Me

Where to begin, which story to tell …

I suffered debilitating cystitis for years and years, doctors only gave me antibiotics and Ural.  Sure many tests where done, including Barium meal injected into my blood, everything came back normal.

I found Elaine’s book (many many years ago now) and ordered D-Mannose which saved me. The relief I felt deep in my body was amazing.   It took a few treatments, I rarely get cystitis now, and nothing like it was.  I always have D-Mannose at home, just in case, but no longer even need it as a prophylactic.

My daughter as a 2 year old, had very brittle fair hair, then developed spots and holes in her tongue.  Doctors said she was iron deficient and to give her iron tablets.  I was horrified to give a 2 year old iron tablets, even more so when I looked at the long term effects.  I found a wonderful naturopath, who simply prescribed ‘a teaspoon of organic molasses every day’.  Change was amazing and immediate.  She has continued with molasses to this very day, although she only uses it a couple of times per week now – and she is 19, with no side effects.  She is fit, healthy and beautiful .

My other daughter, when she was 4, developed allergies, again the doctors just pushed tablets including antihistamines (why did I even go to a doctor!).  Again I turned to my naturopath.  Who cut out wheat and dairy from her diet, and prescribed ‘Eyebright’ herbal supplement. (now Sinus Forte by Mediherb).  This strengthened her immune system rather than making it worse.  She is now 17, and she is gluten intolerant but not celiac.  So she avoids gluten, but can eat it occasionally.  Dairy is fine, although she doesn’t like it so doesn’t consume it.  She continues to use Eyebright/Sinus Forte when she knows she will be exposed to something that will trigger her, and no nasty side effects!

I rarely use doctors, and don’t really trust them.  I’m so grateful that as a young new mother I trusted my instincts, and didn’t bow to the pressure of doctors.  Discovering Elaine’s book was a gift from the angels!

If I can’t diagnose, I’ll use a doctor for pathology or other tests, but then use alternative medicine.  My experience tells me, again and again, that alternative and natural works far better than anything pushed by big pharma.  I believe nature has the remedy for everything – we just need to find it.

I hope my experiences might help someone else.

Regards, Cindy