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Disapproving doctor has his arms crossed

Crohn’s Disease

Hi,I am a Scots doctor who turned down a place at Cambridge to study at Edinburgh medical school and now also a naturopathic nutritionist.

I admire what you stand for.

I recently treated a middle-aged lady with Crohn’s successfully with kinesiology and nutritional advice. She stopped her conventional medications and recovered from her symptoms almost 100%. Another indication that a money driven reductionist mechanical orthodox model of chemical drug interferences with our natural innate potential for recovery has often, little place, apart from greedy parasitic shareholders.

Many doctors are sadly confined by their conditioned reality of Ivory tower education, status quo and fear of judgement from equally cognitively suppressed colleagues.

Dealing with the sick should confer a sense of humility, not self-expressed arrogance and ignorance. I am learning all the time.

We all have the ability to heal more than any ‘specialist’ may be aware of. We just need to find the right inputs for our individual needs for specific illness imbalances.

The deficits in orthodox medicine are down to closed thinking and, sadly, vested interests.

Dr Neil Milliken MBChB edin BDS LDSRCS Ed dip nutrit,BAUK BCST,dip. Applied kinesiology.