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Man in wheelchair

Massive Stroke

I suffered a massive stroke (due to low blood pressure). This event took place the day America was attacked……. On 9/11…. Yep that’s right and that was an integral reason for me still being in a wheelchair to this day. I might add that I can walk, have always been able to walk however I was refused rehabilitation on the basis that I had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (even though I’ve never suffered any symptoms of MS in my life)

It was a case of one doctor having tunnel vision and there was no way I could get off the rollercoaster ride that he set up. Accordingly the business that I was running at that time slowly died off due to the diagnosis and the fact that I was running a business that involved a great deal of legal work there was no way that my usual referees would continue to refer clients to someone who had “extreme MS” yes that was diagnosis they gave me.

In the 20 years I have had ample time to read, ask questions, and fully understand the franchise that exists within our health Department. I had gone through battles of reporting all the doctors involved in my matter to the Australian medical services board which resulted in all of my medical files going “missing”. Fortunately my working career was working with banks, lawyers, barristers, QCs so I have managed to keep soldiering on and finally I have found a neurologist who is actually listening to me. My next appointment with this neurologist is in about a week’s time so I am expecting things will only get better.

You may ask how this all started……….. It all started with a little lipoma on the back of my thigh which needed to be removed. The doctor who was going to remove it insisted that I go to hospital have for general anaesthetic and it would be removed. I asked him why he could not remove the lump in his office the local anaesthetic but he just fluffed over the explanation and proceeded to tell me that I should go to hospital to have the operation as he said that “the lump is pretty deep so it’s best that it be removed in hospital”

My story is very long and involved and ultimately extremely damaging for the medical profession. How did I cope? I coped with laughter (with the help of some “herbal” cigarettes). ☺☺ I hope to keep you updated with any future news.