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Words and Your Health

Your words create your reality. The kind of words we use to describe our situations and our lives are the way that we perceive our lives to be. Our perception then is the reality. When you describe something as a “disaster” or say you are “suffering” from a disease, you are painting a clear picture for yourself and anyone listening that this is just the way it is. Can we, then, change our situations, or at the very least our perceptions, by changing the way we speak about them? That is what positive affirmations are for. Research has shown that positive outlook and attitude can improve a person’s chances at overcoming serious medical conditions such as cancer and chronic pain. It follows then that a positive mindset can help you overcome your negative beliefs about yourself and your life as well.

Saying that someone is a “pain in the neck” is an example of using potently negative language. Could saying that mean that literal pain in your neck could manifest? Is someone a “cancer” in your organization or family? By sacking him/her or cutting off communication you could improve the quality of your home or work life, correct?

Choosing your words carefully is something that our mothers taught us as we grew. When you consider the powers of words in terms of doing what you say and saying what you do, you manifest the reality you live by your words and actions. Remember this as you make your way through each day and try to practice positive affirmations that will enrich your life and your soul.

Stop and think about the types of negative words you use to describe yourself on a daily basis. Do you say you “doubt you can”, “wish I could”, “don’t like that”, or are you just afraid? These are the words you can consciously work to replace in your vocabulary to improve your overall state of wellbeing and success. Take the time to consciously reprogram your thoughts and words to eliminate the negative and replace it with the positive.

Positive words and affirmations are the types of thoughts you want to have floating through your mind and coming out of your mouth. In this way you reprogram your thought patterns and with it your whole life. We fill our lives with the images that we focus on. Focus on love and love will come to you; focus on the bad and you will feel bad, look bad, and your relationships will be bad. This is a simple fact of reality. To master it all you have to do is literally change your mind.

Start each day with positive affirmations such as “today I will be the best and most positive I can be”. Then as you go about your day, you can actually do it. Go out of your way to find the positive in every thought and situation even if you have to say that it was an “opportunity to learn” or a “challenge to be accomplished”. Live happily and speak about it in a positive way. What will at first seem like a tough prospect will soon be second nature to you. No more doom and gloom; only a positive outlook and a positive, happy, well balanced life will be ahead for you.

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