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Stressed male

Cortisone Badly Damaged Me

In 2006, I started to have diarrhea and at times passing blood, plus bloating and tummy discomfort.

I was also losing weight. Just prior to this I had been to South America and was diagnosed with 5 parasites in my system.

I also had heart ache around relationship issues. I had my amalgams removed, but the mask I was wearing stopped working and I breathed in mercury vapours. A stressful job also compounded things. I had to medically retire, being a special education teacher for 18 years, dealing sometimes with very emotionally and physically challenging students from 5 to 18 years.

Trying herbal concoctions with not much working. After an ayervedic supplement with black pepper, I ended up in hospital with suspected perforation of the bowel.

The hospital doctor placed me on introvenous cortisone which was pumped into me 4 hourly and went on for 10 days.

On top of that I had a saline drip. The gastroenterologist admitted that the cortisone drip went on for too long. I did not have a perforated bowel.

As a result I was discharged holding an extra 13 kgs of body fluid in my lower body. I couldn’t even walk to my letter box, having to ask my neighbour to bring me my mail.

In 2 months my spine disintegrated with 5 wedge fractures, being in severe pain and severely osteoporotic. Before all this, I had only sustained a broken wrist because I was punched to the ground by a 15 year old student and I put my hand up to protect myself. No other broken bones previously. So I blame the massive amount of cortisone and loss of minerals. My diagnosis after a colonoscopy was ulcerative colitis.

Medication didn’t help, and I never wanted to go near cortisone again, because of what it did to me. So with help I worked out a diet and supplements that have helped me and kept me going.

Things are still difficult at times, but I try to listen to my body and give it what it needs. I have never eaten junk food. I feel the overseas trip and the large amount of stress in my life contributed to this condition. I know that nutritious food, exercise, sunshine, rest and trying to avoid stress are my best friends. Also how one thinks emotionally, as I do have anxiety from time to time.

I completed a counselling course and now counsel children part time and although this is stressful, I am grateful for the work, and I love the kids. Being thankful and having humour in my life helps too.

My advice is always to get a second opinion and see an integrative doctor who has knowledge of nutrition. Ultimately, listen to your body.