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Flu vaccination

Flu Vaccination

I had my first flu injection about 12 years ago (aged 67) approximately.

After a few weeks I was diagnosed with sciatica. I did exercises etc and it did improve.

The following year the flu season came around and I had another flu injection. I was working in a high risk tourist area and was advised to have the injection again. I did After a short time my legs just kept caving in on me and I kept falling. Eventually I was admitted to hospital and had every test imaginable which all came back negative. (Brain tumours – and all the horrible other things ) I lost the nerves in my legs. I have had to exercise ever since to be able to get around.

I had no idea what the cause until I read in one of your articles about the reaction to flu vaccinations. I told my Doctor, whom I am very fond of and still visit him. He didn’t think that would be the cause but has said he would never give me any vaccinations again.