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Juicing for Health

It’s easy to increase your raw food intake by juicing vegetables and grasses.

Your body can absorb juice in less than a half-hour. Juicing vegetables provides abundant nutrition. including enzymes, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and cancer fighting anti-oxidants. It also keeps your body at its proper, alkaline pH level.

We know that the Western diet is responsible for many of our health problems. We maintain that these could be significantly reduced or even eliminated by embracing raw foods. While abruptly adopting a 100 percent raw diet may be unrealistic for many people, every little bit helps. A gradual transition lets your body adapt, and also lets you integrate raw foods at your personal pace.

Start by having a glass or two of juiced raw vegetables a day. Juicing breaks down the cell walls of whole foods, which is why our bodies can absorb nutrients from juice so quickly with very little expenditure of energy. Instead of feeling sluggish the way you will after a big lunch or eating junk foods, you will feel invigorated after a snack or lunch of juiced vegetables. And the juice is concentrated, so you can consume several servings of vegetables and greens with just one glass of juice.

We recommend you consume only freshly made vegetable juices, to get the maximum nutritional benefits.

We recommend the Porkert Wheatgrass Juicer (for wheatgrass and green leafy vegetables) available at our online shop.