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Nutritious Foods

Your Digestion

The most important factor in digestion is proper food selection, avoiding non-nutritive junk foods, and choosing foods that provide the building blocks your body needs. (Organic raw foods are ideal, of course.) It’s obvious your body won’t digest food that’s not in its best interest.

The second most important aspect of digestion is proper chewing. If you chew each mouthful of food at least thirty times, production of salivary amylase enzyme in the mouth is maximized, and a major portion of the digestion will be done there.

The action of chewing also stimulates stomach acid production. If you are under stress or are generally tense, the stomach muscle, like any other body muscle, can go into spasm. This spasm can cut off blood circulation in the stomach and inhibit the production of stomach acid. This reduction in stomach acid can lead to improper or incomplete breakdown of stomach contents, especially protein. If incompletely digested food finds its way into the intestines, the intestinal flora (bacteria and yeast) will feed on this food and create gas and bloating.

The third most important aspect of digestion is to avoid drinking liquids with meals, particularly cold liquids. Washing down food with liquid dilutes stomach acid and leads to incomplete digestion, washing food out of the stomach too soon. Cold liquid also causes fats and oils in the food to congeal, which impedes their absorption.

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