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Magnesium Shortage

Ongoing drug shortages are now deemed a USA “national crisis ” affecting the care and safety of severely ill patients. For some time we have been reading about the shortages of various drugs (including magnesium derivatives) in the medical industry. The shortage persists, and it seems to be affecting all types of drugs, perhaps because the pharmaceutical industry is not making acceptable profit from them. The USA federal government may also be buying up large inventories for their emergency programs and underground bases, who knows?

“Manufacturers get to a point where making these drugs are not profitable, so they close down the production line and dedicate it to brand-name drugs that have higher profits,” said Charles Arrison, director of pharmacy at the East Pennsboro Township hospital. “On top of that, the FDA has been tougher on inspections of manufacturing plants, closing down plants and production lines.”

Shortages of magnesium are being reported, and the prices are reflecting this. A USA manufacturer is now selling a magnesium product used to treat/control seizures in pregnant women, for more than $400 for 25 vials. The drug typically sells for $9 for 25 vials.

In addition, the Fukushima earthquake of March 2011 has severely limited Japanese magnesium production.

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