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Toxic Vitamin Tablets

People by the millions are taking vitamins by the handful, but they’re not improving. Why not? Their bodies are not absorbing the vitamins they are taking. They’re throwing their money away and not getting the results they are expecting.

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, one of the leading champions of vitamins and nutritional healing and founder and director of the world-famous Whitaker Wellness Institute Medical Clinic in Newport Beach, California, the most common cause is taking inexpensive vitamins in tablet form. A chemical called DCP (di-calcium phosphate), used as a binding agent, is used by many tablet manufacturers. DCP is incapable of breaking down completely in the body.

Hard-coated tablets do not dissolve completely, so your body will not absorb the nutrient. This can cause blocked blood vessels, painful joints, kidney stones and premature aging. The bottom line is DO NOT TAKE VITAMINS IN A HARD-COATED TABLET FORM! If you choose to take vitamins, use loose powder, capsules or softgel capsules. These forms dissolve much more quickly.

Never buy cut-rate vitamins—such as offers from mail order houses that hawk supplements at huge savings. Row upon row of nutritional supplements can be found in supermarkets, pharmacies and health food stores. Never buy inexpensive, off-brand supplements or cheap mail order brands without first checking them out. Additives, food allergens, sugar, artificial food colouring and flavouring are often found in cut-rate brands. They may even contain shellac, chlorine and other potential hazardous chemicals. Read the labels! Potency and purity can also vary widely, even from pill to pill within the same bottle. A study by doctors at Duke University recently examined 12 bottles of one popular supplement, and most samples contained 60 percent less than the amount claimed on the label.

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