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Inappropriately Hungry?

If you feel hungry, even though you have had plenty to eat, it is probably because your body is starving – for the nutrients that you find in real foods. If you eat processed foods (foods that come in boxes, packets, cans, and jars and that you buy in supermarkets, fast food outlets, and takeaways) you might be amazed by the taste of fresh organic produce. And how satisfying real food really is.

Discover the difference by sampling organic bananas, carrots, greens and whatever you can find. Rid your kitchen of everything that comes from a factory – products such as crisps, breads, cakes, pies, sweets, margarine, and low-fat foods, all of which contain the manufacturer’s secret addictive ingredients and are missing the natural fats and other micro-nutrients you need to digest them properly.

When you eat high-nutrient, natural-fat foods, your body is able to digest them properly, and you get several times as many important nutrients.

Stay with it. It’s a lifelong change. You’ll eat less and get your weight back to normal. Your skin will clear, and you’ll feel much better.

Recipe ideas: Ann Wigmore’s RECIPES FOR LONGER LIFE is available.